Why You Need to See the Luray Caverns in Virginia


luray caverns in virginiaAmong the abundant natural appeal native to the state, the Luray Caverns in Virginia can’t be overlooked. Virginia is a treasure chest full of natural east coast beauty, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located in the Shenandoah Valley, the Luray Caverns are a must-see attraction for tourists and locals alike.


First discovered in 1878 by locals searching for a cave, the Luray Caverns today are one of the most popular destinations in both the state and the nation. Massive stalactites, stalagmites, bodies of water and other speleothems containing a enchanting appearance comprise this massive Virginia attraction.


The main feature of the Luray Caverns in Virginia are the monstrous calcite formations that decorate the caverns. Countless Stalactites (hanging formations) and stalagmites (formations jutting upward from the ground) have over time arranged themselves into stunning structures, often other-worldly in appearance. Comprised of calcium salts, these structures vary greatly in size and shape. Some of the most notable are the Double Column (a massive joining of stalactites and stalagmites) and Titania’s Veil, a display of calcite in its purest form. Giant’s Hall, where the Double Column resides, is home to multiple calcite creations, but no matter where in the caverns you go, you’ll find yourself made speechless by your surroundings.


A musical instrument isn’t typically something you would expect to find in a cavern, but that’s because an organ that employs stalactites is far from common practice. The Great Stalacpipe Organ possesses a unique sound, created “by gently tapping them throughout three acres of the caverns,” according to the Luray Caverns’ website. A YouTube search will yield footage of the organ being played, and the captivating sound it produces.


The caverns also contain pools of water that mirror their surroundings, adding to the subterranean beauty. You’ll see the Dream Lake and the Wishing Well, the former creating an identical reflection of the stalactites hanging above it, the latter filled with coins and possessing an appearance that resembles both the ocean floor and outer space. The caverns’ website is sparse in terms of pictures of its bodies of water, but Google will bring up a host of images sure to grab your attention.


Outside of the caverns, you’ll find an assortment of fascinating attractions. These include the Luray Valley Museum, the Car and Carriage Caravan Museum, and Garden Maze (not unlike the one in Alice in Wonderland, minus all the weird stuff). There’s plenty of excitement both above and below ground at the Luray Caverns in Virginia!


Just in case you needed another reason to visit, the Luray Caverns in Virginia hold a favorable ranking on TripAdvisor.com, with the majority of its 2,200-plus ratings falling in the “excellent” and “very good” categories. But why rely on what the Internet says when you can visit for yourself? Luraycaverns.com has all the information you need to plan your trip, like ticket prices and hours of operation. The beauty of the Shenandoah Valley will more than likely beg you to stay, so why not plan ahead of time to visit for more than a day? If you do, be sure to make reservations at By The Side of the Road Inn & Cottages in Harrisonburg. Enjoy the comfort of our accommodations while you explore the area (with help from our free vacation guide). Contact us today!