All of Our Favorite Things in Downtown Harrisonburg

One of the best reasons to stay in Harrisonburg during your vacation to the Shenandoah valley is Downtown Harrisonburg. Downtown Harrisonburg is steadily growing and over the past decade has become, in many ways, its own attraction. Make sure to visit this popular destination during your Virginia vacation!

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About Downtown Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg has changed vastly in the past decade. Thanks to the Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance in Harrisonburg, VA, a non-profit organization assisting in this transformation, the city has received a number of awards and is becoming an attraction of its own. As the community grows, it has attracted new, flourishing businesses. The Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance has logged over 90,000 volunteer hours to make this happen. In addition, they have generated more than $60 million in private investments to improve Downtown Harrisonburg. No one knows for sure what the future holds for Downtown Harrisonburg, but the Downtown Harrisonburg Renaissance has no plans of slowing down their efforts. Future projects include a new urban park, a hotel, a conference center, and, even more, restaurants, shops, and attractions.

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Harrisonburg’s Best Place to Stay is Just Minutes Away

Whether you’re making a quick weekend getaway or on a family vacation, there is something for everyone in Downtown Harrisonburg! Spend a day shopping and dining in some of the best establishments the area has to offer. Downtown Harrisonburg will not disappoint! After a day of adventuring downtown, head back to By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages to relax and restore for more adventurous days to come! Make sure to check out other things to do in Harrisonburg, VA in our free Shenandoah Valley Vacation Guide. We look forward to booking your stay at By the Side of the Road!