3 Reasons You Need to Go to the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia

Less than 30 miles south of Harrisonburg is the small city of Staunton, VA. Surrounded by the same Shenandoah Valley beauty that captivates visitors annually, Staunton is also home to one of the best places in Virginia to learn about the state’s past: the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia. If you want to explore the lives of the state’s early settlers and immigrants through exciting artifacts, exhibits, and farms, this fascinating museum should be at top of your to-visit list. A trip to the Shenandoah Valley is incomplete without visiting the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia!

3 Reasons You Need to Go to the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia

1. Learn About the Diverse Past of English Settlers and Immigrants

Virginians can trace their history back to not only England but Germany and Ireland, too! In fact, according to the Museum’s website, Germans were the largest group of non-English speakers to move to colonial America, and nearly 100,000 Irish had moved to the colonies during the same time period. Slaves from West Africa also brought wonderful contributions through culture, food, and their distinct architecture style.

2. Explore Farms, Homes, and a Schoolhouse

The biggest draw to the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia are the exhibits. These exhibits include farms and buildings representing a wide range of time periods in American history, built exactly how they would have been hundreds of years ago! Explore the 1600s English Farm to see what life would have been like for the people of Jamestown, or visit the 1700s Irish and German farms. Of course, iconic American farms and a schoolhouse from the 1800s are located here as well! Visit the Museum’s website for a full list of exhibits.

3. Enjoy Exciting Events!

No matter the time of year, there’s a fun festival or event taking place at the Museum. Some of the most popular events are the Frontier Culture Museum Homeschool Day and the Frontier Culture Museum Wine and Jazz Festival. Check out the calendar of events and make plans to attend upcoming events like Oktoberfest and the New Year’s Eve Gala!


Ticket prices, hours of operation, events, and more can be found by visiting the Frontier Culture Museum’s website, or by calling (540) 332-7850. The Museum is the perfect place to take your next class field trip, too. Field trip and tour information are available online as well. Follow them on Facebook for regular updates and photos!

The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia is located at 1290 Richmond Avenue, Staunton, VA 24401.

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