Enjoy the Beauty of the JMU Arboretum

When you come upon the JMU Arboretum, you step into a world botanical beauty. Located on the James Madison University campus, the arboretum is a collection of flora and fauna that any visitor will enjoy! Enjoy the peace and quiet of the JMU Arboretum, and immerse yourself in verdant wonder and beauty.

The JMU Arboretum is just one of the many great things to do here in Harrisonburg. To learn more about our area and how to make the most of your time here, download our free Vacation Guide. Here at By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages, we want you to have the very best Shenandoah Vally vacation!

What Wonders You’ll See at the JMU Arboretum

Spanning 125 acres of land in Harrisonburg, VA, the JMU Arboretum, or Edith J Carrier Arboretum, is a “public urban garden and forested greenspace” where students and the public alike can escape from busy schedules and hustle and bustle of everyday life. A wide range of birds, trees, flowers, and mushrooms inhabit the arboretum’s grounds, which are open year round.

Plants at the Arboretum

Depending on when you visit, you can catch a wide variety of flowers in bloom. Daffodils, Korean azaleas, Sweetbay Magnolias, and dayflowers are just a few of the flowers that grow at the arboretum. Some are in bloom for several months, others for only a couple of weeks! See the extensive list of flowers here, complete with pictures and bloom times.

A number of mushrooms species can be found here as well. From familiar fungi to less popular varieties, keep an eye out for these ground dwellers. The arboretum’s gallery offers a unique look at the different mushrooms that grow there, as well as plenty of information on each type.

Animals You May See

The arboretum is home to 116 types of birds, including the Great Blue Heron, belted kingfishers, cardinals, and much more have made appearances at the arboretum. There’s also several galleries of the birds and other wildlife (like turtles, snakes, salamanders, and insects) that inhabit the grounds. Visitors are bound to see plenty of creatures here!

Events and More

Not an expert on all things wildlife? Get the most out of your visit and take a guided tour! The JMU Arboretum offers several different guided tours for its guests, and they’re all free. Learn more about the tours.

Take advantage of the scenery and reserve the facilities for your next event! Plan to have your wedding here and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better backdrop. The Pavilion is also available for other reservations, including business events, classrooms, and more.

The Perfect Harrisonburg Vacation Activity

Planning a vacation to Harrisonburg and the Shenandoah Valley? A trip to the JMU Arboretum should be on your list of things to do! This and much more will greet you on your getaway. And, when you’re planning a place to stay, consider By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages! Our rooms, suites, and cottages are the perfect venue for your vacation. So, contact us today to book your Shenandoah Valley vacation!