10 of the Best Lunch Places to Eat in Harrisonburg VA

Places to Eat in Harrisonburg VAWhile you’re out exploring the town make sure you stop by one of these places to eat in Harrisonburg VA. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or some authentic international cuisine, one of these places will serve you a lunch you’ll never forget! And for even more recommendations on the best options for good food in Harrisonburg, VA, be sure to see our Harrisonburg restaurant guide.

Places to Eat in Harrisonburg VA

  1. Jack’s Hideaway
    Jack’s Hideaway is exactly what it sounds like, a hideaway. You can enter through an unmarked tan colored door and find yourself in a speakeasy type of bar. With a lounge feel and craft cocktails, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a few drinks after a fun day of adventure.
  2. Greens & Grains Cafe
    Head over to Greens & Grains Cafe for a delightful salad, soup, or sandwich. With most of their fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, you’ll not only have a tasty meal, but you’ll also be supporting local farmers.
  3. Pure Eats
    At Pure Eats, you’ll find a curious combination of doughnuts, burgers, and beer. While that selection might seem different, Pure Eats makes sure that the food they serve is of the highest quality and locally sourced.
  4. Vietopia
    Get a taste of a traditional Vietnamese classics at Vietopia. With arguably the best Pho in town, you’re guaranteed to have a tasty meal here.
  5. Cinnamon Bear Bakery and Deli
    For sweeter treats, head over to Cinnamon Bear Bakery and Deli. Here you can enjoy a delicious sandwich and a freshly made lemon bundt cake for dessert. Check out their menu for more delicious options.
  6. Capital Ale House
    With the largest selection of craft and imported brews, you’ll be able to get your beer fix at the Capital Ale House. Other than their massive selection of brews, they also offer a full menu including starters, soups, salads, and entrees. This fantastic restaurant is one of the best options for outdoor dining in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.
  7. Heritage Bakery & Cafe
    The Heritage Bakery & Cafe recently opened in January with a French-inspired, decadent menu including their quiche-of-the-day and pastries.
  8. Jess’ Lunch
    With two locations in Harrisonburg, Jess’ Lunch as been a staple for many years. As a local favorite, they are best known for their hot dogs, chili dogs, hamburgers, and shakes. Serving Harrisonburg since 1927, this is definitely one eatery you can’t miss.
  9. A Bowl of Good
    Known for their unique menu, A Bowl of Good almost exclusively offers all meals in a bowl. From their breakfast bowls to their hot and cold bowls, this is a unique eating experience you have to check out.
  10. Earth & Tea Cafe
    Now serving breakfast and brunch, Earth & Tea Cafe will give you the perfect light lunch if you’re planning on having a big dinner that evening. Soups, salads, wraps, and more, you’ll absolutely love their menu.

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