Discover Some of the Best Virginia Art at the Spitzer Art Center

The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia is famous for its rich history and culture, and the Spitzer Art Center is no exception. Culture endures primarily through artistic expression via varying media and interpretation. On that basis, the cultural bastion that is the Spitzer Art Center exists as a platform for Virginian art and culture to communicate. It’s truly a beautiful thing to behold. And, that is why you need to visit the Spitzer Art Center in downtown Harrisonburg.

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What You’ll Experience at the Spitzer Art Center

The Spitzer Art Center exists to encourage art amidst the community of Harrisonburg by bringing various workshops, speakers, and events into its doors. The art center provides art classes in Harrisonburg, VA, for children and adults. These classes are taught by artists with diverse artistic backgrounds, ensuring you get the best experience out of the class. In addition to classes, the art center also works with local businesses to provide discounts for local artists, to publish media related to the local art scene, to enable artists to exhibit their work, and to create studio space for local artists to work. It’s this vital relationship with local art that makes the Spitzer Art Center so eponymous with Virginia art. But, it’s not only what the center is doing in the present day. It has played a crucial role in Shenandoah Valley arts for a while now.

History of Shenandoah Valley Art Tips a Hat to the Spitzer Art Center

Since 2002, the Spitzer Art Center has supported local arts due to the incredible gift of the Spitzer House, an historic house in downtown Harrisonburg. It was Mary Spitzer Etter who generously provided her house to be the center’s home. As a result, the historic home has been nurtured itself as it nurtures the Central Shenandoah Arts organization. Originally founded as the Harrisonburg Art Association, the Central Shenandoah Arts non-profit soon followed. The organization works to support the local arts predicated on the initial artistic expression found at John Madison University, then Madison College, by the organization’s founder. Today, you can view their gallery of local artwork, partake in classes, and more at what was once the Spitzer House.

See the Wonderful Exhibits on Your Visit to Harrisonburg

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